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   Permit Information Updated Jun 22nd, 2024  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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  • 1 wells permitted on 1 well sites in Dimock township
  •    Within a 4 mile radius of Dimock township, there are:
  • 1 well permitted, located on 1 well site
  • 1 well drilled or being developed

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    County Identifier Permitted Well Developed Well Producing Well Frac Fluid Composition Reports Plugged Well Waste Facility/Waste Reports Compressor Stations Inspection Reports Violation Reports

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      Show on Map | Well-Pad Report () wells Dimock Township Susquehanna County
    ELK LAKE SCHOOL DIST 2V Well development has started Royalty estimates and production values available Waste reports available Inspections reports available
    (DEP permit #115-20159)
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    Drilling Map   $10.00
    (retrieved: Sep/2010 1 pg)
    Well Packet   $25.00
    (retrieved Sep/2010 10 pgs)

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