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   Permit Information Updated Nov 22nd, 2020  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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State Maps Displaying Marcellus Gas Well Information

  • Well-Pad Royalty Estimates
  • Timeline Permit Slideshow
  • Wells With Reported Violations

  • Well-Pad Locations Grouped By Estimated Royalty Amounts  
    Based on DEP production data up to Sep 30th, 2020 [DEP data date: 11/18/2020] (Show/Hide Statistical Criteria)

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    Timeline Map of Permitted Wellsites in the State of Pennsylvania
    6 Month Intervals from June 2007 through Nov 22nd, 2020

      Click date or map icon below to view full size map for a given time period

      2007 JUN 2007 DEC 2008 JUN 2008 DEC 2009 JUN
      2009 DEC 2010 JUN 2010 DEC 2011 JUN 2011 DEC
      2012 JUN 2012 DEC 2013 JUN 2013 DEC 2014 JUN
      2014 DEC   2015 JUN   2015 DEC   2016 JUN   2016 DEC
        2017 JUN   2017 DEC   2018 JUN   2018 DEC   2019 JUN  
        2019 DEC 2020 Nov      

    Location of Wellsites With Recorded Violations in the State of Pennsylvania (Nov 22nd, 2020)

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