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   Permit Information Updated Jun 22nd, 2024  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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Wells » Well Packet Information

A MarcellusGas.Org Well Packet represents various documents related to a single gas well (including a drilling map), which are collected and kept on file by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. The related documents have been combined into a single PDF file, and can be purchased and downloaded as a Well Packet directly from the site. The number of documents in a well varies, and is based on the number of documents made available by the DEP. MarcellusGas.Org makes no claims whatsoever as to the accuracy, timeliness, or completeness of the information included in a Well Packet.

Purchased Well Packets will be stored in your Member Account area, and remain available for download for a period of 30 days.

Well Packets are available as Adobe PDF files. A sample Well Packet is available for review. The sample Well Packet file size is 5 Megs. Right Click to download sample Well Packet PDF file. Left Click to view sample Well Packet in your browser. NOTE: Well Packets are large PDF files ... the sample PDF make take a while to appear on your screen if you left click. We recommend that you right click, and download the file.

You may request that MarcellusGas.Org retrieve additional information as it becomes available for a particular well. Contact MarcellusGas.Org for more information.

MacellusGas.Org makes no claim whatsoever as to the completeness of Well Packet information, or the timeliness of the data contained within the PDF file.

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