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   Permit Information Updated Jun 20th, 2021  
Information Related to Pennsylvania Deep Gas Well Activity
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Royalty & Production Calculator

Projected royalty payouts and production reports
based on historical well performance of nearby wells.
Follow these steps:
• Choose county & township
• Enter your acreage & royalty pct. More Information
• Enter unit acreage if known More Information
• (optional) Report for multiple wells More Information
• (optional) Change ATW gas price More Information
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• Click "Create Report" button below

Township *(indicates no permitted wells)
Your acreage &
royalty percentage
Total unit acreage &
ATW gas price
Acres     Unit Size (acres)   Wells Within Unit Wells Within Unit
Royalty %     Gas Price (per Mcf)            
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reuse permission is required: © MarcellusGas.Org

Royalty/Production Results
Tioga county, Bloss township | 10 acres at 12.5% royalties | Unit: 600 acres | Gas @ $3.35/Mcf | wells in unit: 1
26 production days per month                         Read report criteria details ...
Month   Wells   Royalties   % Change   ATW value   Mcf Sampled Wells
1   Avg/Mean 1 $ 941.19
Full Members Only $ 451,773.07
Full Members Only
2   Avg/Mean 1 $ 871.98
Full Members Only $ 418,549.94
Full Members Only
3   Avg/Mean 1 $ 826.99
Full Members Only $ 396,953.08
Full Members Only
4   Avg/Mean 1 $ 769.57
Full Members Only $ 369,391.77
Full Members Only
5   Avg/Mean 1 $ 740.01
Full Members Only $ 355,206.96
Full Members Only
This report contains 84 months of royalty and production projections.
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5 Periods
1 $ 4,149.74
  $ 1,991,874.82
Read report criteria details ...

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